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Night Owl - Knowledge is the Past. Wisdom is the Future.
Wednesday, September 24, 2003
Bush Pimps for Gates at the UN
Nicholas Kristof is right now on a humanitarian tour with Bill Gates in Africa. Guess what cause Bill's promoting?

You guessed it: AIDS and the Sex Trade.

"He's going to talk to the prostitutes about male and female condoms, the sex trade and safe sex options as part of his campaign to understand and ultimately defeat AIDS in Africa."

So now we know the answer to why Bush took so much time to tout a completely extraneous topic in his UN Iraq speech yesterday. It's a sop to one of his big donors.

Don't get me wrong. Gates is doing a noble thing here (his suspect motives notwithstanding as Kristol points out). But Iraq is crumbling down around our ears, and Bush has a big opportunity to try start turning it around by playing it straight at the UN. What does he do instead? He turns the prestigious forum into a cheap political fund raiser. How pathetic.

There is NOTHING this guy won't do for a quick buck.

Posted by Night Owl at 11:02 AM PDT
Updated: Thursday, September 25, 2003 11:28 AM PDT

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