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Night Owl - Knowledge is the Past. Wisdom is the Future.
Thursday, February 26, 2004
Clear Channel Pulls Howard Stern after 'Indecent' Bush Bashing
From the WP:

"Clear Channel drew a line in the sand today with regard to protecting our listeners from indecent content, and Howard Stern's show blew right through it," Hogan said.

The only indecent content CC was protecting listeners from was Howard's unadulterated Bush Bashing (via Blah3):

My husband said Stern went on for an hour talking about Bush* being a right-wing religious "nut." Stern was saying Kerry has to be elected, and we have to get Bush* out of office. He has always claimed to have had an affect in the NJ governor's race when he supported Whitman, and cited that race when he said he plans to do the same to oust Bush*.
CC's attempts to silence Howard's political rants will backfire on Bush. When Howard's listeners discover to their dismay that their drive-time, 'guilty pleasure' has been taken away from them, they will quickly realize that the timing comes suspiciously close to Howard's endorsement of Kerry (and if they don't I'm sure Howard will make it abundantly clear to them).

Most of these guys care a lot more about Stern's purile antics than they do about politics (hence the previous trend among this demographic to support Bush). But when they realize that Howard got kicked off for bashing Bush, they will quickly find a political issue worth voting for.

And the ham-fisted way this was done will hurt Bush with Howard supporters FAR MORE than any ancillary help with the morality types - and not just in the areas where the show has been cancelled, but anywhere Howard's show is on. These guys are gonna be pissed, and they will know EXACTLY who to blame.

The REAL story here, however, is WHERE the stations are located (from the Post article):

The stations where the Stern show is carried by Clear Channel are in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Orlando, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Rochester, N.Y., and San Diego.
All of these stations are located in red-leaning, swing areas. I'm sure some enterprising investigative journalist or Congressional Committee (I know, I know), or state attorney general can establish a link between CC's selection of stations and the Bush re-election committee. In a sane world, political coordination of this type would be enough to send somebody to jail.

Posted by Night Owl at 11:47 AM PST
Updated: Tuesday, March 23, 2004 1:45 PM PST

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